David C. Evans Awards

David C. Evans was a professor in the Department of History, an expert on Japanese history and culture, and an associate dean in the School of Arts & Sciences. He was dedicated to expanding opportunities for students to engage in independent scholarship and creative work. In 1997, the School began honoring students who seized the very opportunities that Evans worked so hard to create.

Each April, the School of Arts & Sciences awards the David C. Evans Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Scholarship and the Creative Arts at Honors Convocation.


  • Casey Murano (Art and Art History)

  • Caroline Fernandez (History)

  • Sally Watanabe (Psychology)

Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award

Our faculty plays a vital role in our undergraduate research program, sharing their expertise and guiding students through their projects. The role of a faculty mentor requires a great commitment of time. Many of our faculty mentors go above and beyond in supporting our student researchers, and we are thrilled to recognize them with our Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award.


  • Erling Sjovold (Art and Art History)

  • David Brandenberger (History)

  • Kelly Lambert (Psychology)

  • Omar Quintero (Biology)

University Museums Awards



  • Hadley Beckstrand: The Joel and Lila Harnett Summer Fellowship for Research in the University Museums

  • Anna Mann and Sophie McClellan: The Doris and Warren Dieterich Award for Outstanding Service in the University Museums

  • Daniel Coyle and Daniel Saravia Romero: The Joan Maitre Award for Outstanding Service in the University Museums

Paper and Arts Competition Awards

Awarded for the best research project presented at the annual symposium.




  • Karen Fleming (English) for “‘She is not a woman, but a metaphor’: Power, Gaze, and the Female Dancer in Modernist Poetry and Dance”

  • Sydney Mutchnick (Physics) for “A Determination of the Distance-Redshift Relation with Quasar Luminosity Correlation” (with Jack Singal)


  • Karen Fleming (Theater and Dance) for “le poeme/La Danseuse”


URC Environmental Awards



  • First place - Elspeth Collard and Anna Frisbie (5.75 pts), Analysis of the Socio-Environmental Impacts of a Proposed Transboundary Highway between Pucallpa, Peru and Cruzeiro do Sul, Brazil, Mentors: Steph Spera, David Salisbury

  • Second Place (tie) - Bryanna Mountford (5.5 pts), Modification of Qβ Virus-Like Particles, Mentors: Julie Pollock, Kristine Nolin

  • Second Place (tie) - Charles Mullis (5.5 pts), Quantification of Snow Melt at HJ Andrews Experimental Forest Using Temperature Sensors, Mentor: Todd Lookingbill

Environmental Studies Awards



  • Mary Berner and Kate Sjovold: Christopher L. Stevenson Award for Excellence in Environmental Studies

  • Darian Wyatt: Outstanding Senior Geographer

  • Julia Funk: Exemplary Geography Research Award

  • Peter Braun: Exemplary Service Award