The role of strength-based attributes on transplant patients’ quality of life

Kendall Schuchman, Courtney Vu, Elena Bagnoli, Sydney Shah, Moriah Williams

This exploratory research project aims to understand the ways in which positive psychological traits are connected to patients' ability to cope with a chronic illness. It is guided by the following research questions: what coping techniques do transplant recipients employ to manage their condition and do transplant recipients use specific strength-based strategies such as resilience, post-traumatic growth, religiosity/spirituality, hope, gratitude and forgiveness? A mixed-methods approach will be used. For the qualitative portion of the project, semi-structured interviews or focus groups will be conducted with 120 participants. A questionnaire will be administered to participants after the interview or focus group. All interviews will be audio-recorded and transcribed verbatim. The transcription will be uploaded into the mixed-method software, MAXQDA for coding and thematic analyses. While interviews are still taking place, some of our preliminary results illustrate that gratitude, spirituality, and support from friends and family often facilitate coping in transplant recipients.




Camilla Nonterah