The Impact of Diversity Framing on College Students' Sense of Belonging

William Walker

The purpose of this study is to learn more about the feelings, attitudes, and perceptions that traditional college-aged students (18-25) have about diversity in the context of higher education. In conducting this research, I am interested in answering three questions. The first of these questions, my primary question is what impact diversity framing has on a student's sense of belonging. In addition to this primary question, I will also consider two secondary questions: (1) what is instrumental and moral diversity in the context of the sociocultural environment of college/university campuses and (2) what are the perceived roles of moral and instrumental diversity in higher education. To answer these questions, I will consult scholarly literature from an interdisciplinary array of literature to develop an experiment that effectively measures specific variables such as student wellbeing, authenticity, and belonging.




Crystal Hoyt, Volha Chykina, Nathan Snaza