The African-American Voice: Spiritual, Art Song, and Woman Composers

Kobie Turner

Analyzed African-American Art song, spirituals, and a couple of important women composers. I was able to dive into the origin and the importance of spirituals along with themes present in them. I also looked at how they changed over time, as many are still important today in both the spiritual and secular world. I was also able to investigate African-American art song, discovering the texts that it drew from and how it commentated on being black in America. I was also able to look into the lives and experiences of important black women composers. I learned of their hardships and setbacks, but more importantly their triumphs and successes in a country that continuously held them back. Lastly, throughout this research I was able to get hands on experience singing and performing these spirituals and art songs. Through this I had to evaluated the performance culture of these songs when they were created, along with the performance culture of this material today, to be able to performed this music within an informed context.




Jennifer Cable