Redstockings Rising: Why the White, Class-Conscious, New York Redstockings Left a Mark on the Women’s Liberation Movement, 1960-1980

Maggie Castelli

This thesis explores the class-conscious development of radical leftist feminism during the Cold War 1960s-1980s through analysis of the little-known “Redstockings” group and movement. This movement originated in New York City in 1969. The central questions this thesis asks are why were NY Redstockings, a white feminist group, class conscious? How does this class consciousness intersect with their understandings of race and sexuality? Analyzing this group allows for a more complex understanding of “second-wave” feminism, class consciousness in white feminism, and the place of race and sexuality within radical leftism. The core problem of this thesis is how white feminism begins to consider class consciousness and the ways in which interactions with Marxist thought and ideologies allow for the lasting power of a relatively small New York-based group.




Michelle Kahn