Modeling Educational Effectiveness and Safety on Campus in Response to COVID-19

Allison Newman, Kayla Lambert, Sam Xu

In March of 2020, the United States responded to the growing epidemic, COVID-19, by initiating stay-at-home orders, closing schools and businesses, and encouraging the consistent use of masks and hand sanitizer. Many people began to predict what a college education would look like in the fall 2021 semester with some schools announcing that they would have students attending remotely. In response to these concerns, we have created a scoring rubric to measure how effective in-person, fully remote, and hybrid learning systems are and an agent-based model to demonstrate hypothetical infection outbreaks on UR's campus. The agent-based model, made using the software NetLogo, incorporates an SEIR infection model and the daily interactions between students, faculty, and the city of Richmond. This model provides insight into potential safety concerns of students returning to campus and various parameters that would improve safety.




Lester Caudill