Investigating associations between access to academic resources on campus and college students' academic adjustments and outcomes during the pandemic

Alison Zhang

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, college students went through numerous transitions and adjustments. While students face technological and academic challenges, academic resources on campus also adapt to provide better assistance for students in need. The present study seeks to understand the pandemic's effect on students' academic adjustments and outcomes and whether academic resources and facilities on campus serve as protective factors that mitigate risk for maladaptive scholastic outcomes. The Participants are 528 undergraduates from two liberal arts institutions in the Southeast United States, and they will complete web-based surveys with questions assessing scholastic adjustment and access to campus resources. I will run a series of multiple regressions and analyses on SPSS. The present study's findings will be important for understanding college students' scholastic adjustment and whether access to academic resources is associated with college students' academic outcomes.




Karen Kochel