Faith in Times of Trouble: The Role of Spirituality in Coping and Recovery for Organ Transplant Recipients

Moriah Williams

This project explores the ways in which spirituality is utilized in the coping and recovery processes for individuals who have received a solid organ transplant. From the time of diagnosis to beyond the point of transplantation, people with organ failure may experience a variety of physical, mental, social and economic stressors that induce psychological distress. Common stressors are related to socioeconomic barriers, medical mistrust in the patient-provider relationship, adherence to treatment, social support, comorbid physical/mental health or conditions, situational adjustment, and feelings of worry that arise pre- and post-transplant. Some people employ elements of spirituality to cope with these experiences. This study seeks to better understand the role of spirituality in the coping and recovery processes for organ transplant recipients, and to investigate the associations between the use of spirituality and post-transplant physical/mental health outcomes.




Camilla Nonterah