College Students’ Friendships During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Hannah Behar, Allison Walters

The purpose of this study is to examine associations between COVID-19 impact and college student friendships. We hypothesize that college students with fewer, lower-quality friendship interactions will report higher levels of COVID-19 impact. The participants of this study are 522 undergraduate students from two liberal arts institutions in the southeast United States. Participants were administered a web-based survey in fall 2020. We will specifically be looking at measures that index the frequency and quality of college students’ interactions with friends, COVID-19 impact, and several demographic variables. We will analyze our data using correlational analyses in SPSS. These findings are important because they may provide information as to how friendship interactions during the pandemic are associated with students’ perceptions of how COVID-19 has impacted them as a whole. Findings may also help university administrators to determine whether resources should be invested in the implementation of programs that promote safe interactions between friends.




Karen Kochel