Markus Vinson

The title BLK&BLUE, is a representation of what seems to have started all the division in our country; Black Lives Matter vs Blue Lives Matter. These pieces will exhibit the major events that we all have lived through in the year 2020; from the multiple acts of police brutality and murder, a global pandemic killing thousands, to the storming of the Capitol building. I aim to explore the true nature of the American people, and to point out ideas, symbols and people that have all led to a shift in all our thinking. Creating works memorializing George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmad Arbery. At that point in time, it seemed as if the country was going to implode on itself, while other countries were going back to normal, after dealing with minor COVID-19 outbreaks compared to U.S. numbers. The premise behind my artwork is to show how the media creates narratives, and how the American people do little to no research, or even questioning what is being presented to them in the news.




Tanja Softic