A Determination of the Distance-Redshift Relation with Quasar Luminosity Correlation

Sydney Mutchnick

2021 Paper and Arts Competition Awards Winner (Paper)

My research is dedicated to studying X-Ray and Ultraviolet luminosities of light emitted by quasars. Quasars are a type of enormously luminous active galactic nuclei (AGN) where supermassive blackholes are surrounded by matter. These AGN emit light in various wavebands. My goal is to analyze a large population of quasars with observations in both X-ray and Ultraviolet bands to determine the true correlations between these luminosities. I will do this in a way that takes into account the observational limits and biases on the data. These results will then allow me to construct a new relation between the distances to these objects and their luminosities, which can be an independent measurement of the history of the expansion rate of the universe.




Jack Singal