Welcome to the 2021 A&S Student Symposium

Each April, we celebrate our diverse community of learners at the Student Symposium, a showcase of student-led research projects from nearly 30 disciplines in the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Student researchers share their scholarly work with the campus community and the public in the form of oral presentations, poster sessions, performances, and art exhibits. The Symposium gives students the opportunity to present their work in a professional setting, comparable to any international conference or discipline-specific symposium. It also helps them gain experience speaking publicly and translating their knowledge to a broad audience.

Since the outbreak of the novel corona virus pandemic, the sharing of scholarly and creative work has moved to virtual settings; online is where today’s researchers and artists engage each other in exchange of ideas and where they find their audiences. We hope you enjoy experiencing the hard-work and dedication that went into each presentation.


Patrice Rankine

Professor of Classics

Dean, School of Arts & Sciences

Monika Siebert

Associate Professor of English

Chair, Undergraduate Research Committee

Faculty Coordinator, A&S Student Symposium